ITINERARY - Toraja Land Cycle Tour 2015

Toraja Sulawesi                     

Trip dates 19 February - 04 March 2015
Cycle distance 648 km
Elevation 4200
Riding Time 47 hours
No of days 14 days
No of cycle days 9 days


Day 1
Thursday 19
We’ll pick you up at Sultan Hasanuddin International airport and take you to an international hotel on Makassar’s main oceanside promenade. Our mechanic will help you assemble and test ride your bike. Orientation and a traditional Makassarese grilled fish dinner at the people’s Lae Lae Restaurant.
Accommodation: Makassar Golden Hotel

Day 2
Friday 20
Cycle day 1
We’ll start early to visit the local fish markets, the traditional harbour with its sail boats, forts Rotterdam and Sombu Opu. We’ll finish the city tour with a West Sumatran Nasi Padang lunch. There’ll be free time in the afternoon to shop and further sight see, to be followed by our first optional Yoga class. Dinner will be 'in town' at a Javanese restaurant.
Accommodation: Makassar Golden Hotel

Day 3
Saturday 21
Cycle day 2
105 km
Makassar – 105 km - Camba
We’ll leave early to beat the traffic out of town, heading north. The first 50 km will be flat. After Maros we’ll be travelling through rice fields and we’ll drop into the powerful waterfalls and enjoy the butterflies among the limestone cliffs and caves at Bantimurung.
The next 55 km ascends through jungle clad mountains where we might spot some monkeys.
At our family guesthouse we’ll yoga overlooking the surrounding spectacular mountain scenery.
Accommodation: Wisma Mutiara Sari

Day 4
Sunday 22
Cycle day 3
126 km
Camba - 26 - Lapri - 27 - Sungai (river) Attenai - 5 - Takalalak - 3 - Soepeng / Sengkang junction - 19 - Watamsoppeng - 34 - Batu-Batu - 12 - Lejja
The route continues through undulating hilly terrain and includes river swimming, a living museum, and soothing hot springs. Our family guesthouse is accessed through pretty rice fields and overlooks an orange and jackfruit orchard.
Accommodation: Hakata Resort

Day 5
Monday 23
Cycle day 4
103 km
Lejja - 12 - Batu-Batu - 91 - Enrekang
Mostly flat rice plains and undulating with persistent ascent into foothills of Torajan mountains.
Approaching the pretty little town of Enrekang the culture changes gradually from Muslim Buginese to Christian Torajan.
We’ll finish the day with a walk through villages to Luwaja Waterfall or we’ll yoga at our commercial travellers’ guesthouse near the middle of town before a West Sumatran Nasi Padang meal just across the road from our family style guesthouse.
Accommodation: Hotel Rasita

Day 6
Tuesday 24
Cycle day 5
62 km
Enrekang - Erotic Mountain - Hotel Sahid Toraja
The first 15 km is serious climbing to Bu Aja’s warung over-looking the Erotic Mountain at Bambapuang. The road continues to follow a huge river valley through rustic mountain villages of Sudu, Cakke and Kalose before arriving at our mountain resort accommodation where we’ll yoga by the pool before a pan Indonesian dinner of macaroni soup, fried chicken and stir fried vegetables.
Accommodation: Hotel Sahid Toraja

Day 7
Wednesday 25
Cycle day 6
60 km
Hotel Sahid - 12 - Makale - Rantetayo - Madandan - Alang-Alang - Batutumonga
In the early morning we’ll glide down the hill through limestone outcrops from the Sahid to the bustling market centre of Makele. We’ll leave the main road and take a back route past the little used airport at Rantetayo, the market village of Ma’dandan and onto Rantepao where we’ll have a lunch of Torajan buffalo casserole. We’ll climb into the cultural heartland of Toraja through Bolu livestock markets, the Bori rock graves and the scenic lookout at Tinibayu. before coming into Batutumonga that affords wonderful views of the Rantepao valley.
We’ll stay in converted Torajan house rice granaries and have a Torajan dinner of black and red rice, vegetable or corn soup, soya sauce & kluwak (local vegetable) pork, fish or chicken.
Accommodation: Mentirotiku Guest House

Day 8
Thursday 26
Trekking day
Batutumonga - Limbong
Today we’ll trek for 6 hours through Torajan mountain villages, ricefields and vegetable gardens to the traditional village of Limbong.
We’ll have a Torajan dinner of black rice, village chicken and vegetable soup.
Accommodation: Limbong village chief’s traditional house

Day 9
Friday 27
Rafting and cycle day 7
35 km
Limbong - rafting - Tapparan - cycle - Rantepao
We’ll continue our trek through the rice field terraced hillsides from Limbong to Ke’pe where we’ll begin our white water rafting to Taparan where we’ll pick up our bikes and cycle back 35 km to our international level hotel by the rushing waters of Sa’dan river in the middle of Rantepao.
We’ll have a dinner of white or black rice, stir fried pakis (local vegie), prawns in coconut milk at the ‘with it’ Mart’s Cafe.
Accommodation: Luta Resort Toraja

Day 10
Saturday 28
Cycle day 8
97 km
Circum-cycle Toraja
We’ll take the undulating main road from Rantepao back to Makale then onto a seriously sharp ascent at Suaya where we’ll see cliff-side royal graves. We’ll refresh in the thermal pools at Makula where we’ll have a picnic lunch of rice, vegetables, curried soya bean curd and potato - beef risoles. Then to the baby tree graves at Kambira after which we’ll drop into a local orphanage at Sangala’ and then pedal to the craft village of Randanbatu. We’ll have afternoon tea at Labo - Sallebayu and then drop into the classical Torajan village of Ke’te Kesu with its famous Tongkonan coming back into Rantepao at Patung Kerbau (the Buffalo Statue).
We’ll yoga in the Luta before a dinner of red rice, chicken or buffalo satay, stir fried beans and soup at the Mambo Cafe.
Accommodation: Luta Resort Toraja

Day 11
Sunday 01
Free (non-cycle) day
The day’ll be free to explore Rantepao, visit Ibu Beatrices’ museum and Todi’s Art Shop, all within walking distance. We’ll have our last traditional Torajan dinner by the river in the Luta. We’ll have pumpkin soup, red rice and bamboo chicken.
Accommodation: Luta Resort Toraja

Day 12
Monday 02
Cycle day 9
60 km
Rantepao - 60 - Palopo
We’ll descend down the Torajan mountains to the coast at Palopo stopping at Puncak, half way down, for a Palopo style lunch of fried chicken and kapurung in Warung Puncak. We’ll pedal through Palopo and out into the ricefields surrounding Latupa’ where we’ll spend the night at a spacious mountain resort.
The mechanic will wash, dis-assemble and pack our bikes.
Accommodation: Hotel Latupa

Day 13
Tuesday 03
Palopo - Pare-Pare - Makassar
In the morning we’ll head back to Pare-Pare on the west coast. After lunch at the Restoran Asia we’ll head south along the coast, past the Hailun Bay like limestone outcrops at Maros just before Makassar.
We’ll check into to our oceanside hotel. There should be time for last minute shopping before our last Makassarese meal of grilled fish at the Nelayan (fisherman’s) Restaurant.
Accommodation: Makassar Golden Hotel

Day 14
Wednesday 04
Makasssar - Airport
On our last day our drivers will be available to take you to the airport.
Finish of trip