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Sunset at Bira Beach

Route and Itinerary

Rice fields in South Sulawesi

JULY 2011

  • 9 day cycle trip
  • 6 cycle days
  • Ride distance 525 km
  • Route encircles the southern part of South Sulawesi province
  • Mostly mountainous with several days of palm fringed coastal plains and traditional rice growing villages
  • The route has been planned for riders who’ve prepared themselves
  • The daily plan will be to get going by 6am and to cover a substantial distance before the heat of the day sets in. During the middle of the day rest stops will be roughly every 10 km, depending upon terrain. These will allow us to re-group, replenish water, stretch, take photos, enjoy village snacks, yarn with the locals. Dinner will be at 7pm to allow an early night. The route is sealed. Sometimes monsoonal rains cause localized potholing. As much as possible we’ll be taking back roads.
  • Swimming 8/9 days
  • Time and scope for spontaneous stops
  • Optional yoga every day

Download a map of the Trip Route here.

Day 1 of our cycle tour through South South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Sunday 24 July 2011 : Makassar
  • Riders arrive, picked up from Hasanuddin International Airport in Makassar
  • Administration
  • Bike assembly
  • Cultural orientation
  • Traditional Javanese food at seaside cafe
Accommodation: International hotel by the sea

Day 2 of our cycle tour through South South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Monday 25 July 2011 : Makassar - Malino

Dawn departure through Makassar, 30 km flat terrain to Bili-Bili dam where we’ll enjoy sticky rice cooked in bamboo pipes, then we’ll climb continuously 50 km eastwards through scenic mountain river valleys to the misty former Dutch hill station of Malino, where we’ll lunch and rest before late afternoon Yoga.

Accommodation: Former colonial guest house in coolish Malino

Day 3 of our cycle tour through South South Sulawesi to experience Indonesian village life

Tuesday 26 July 2011 : Malino - Malino

We’ll cycle through pine forests up a severe 10 km ascent to visit Teh Nittoh tea plantation and descend 10 km to Takapala, the majestic Find Your Sweetheart Waterfall, where we’ll lunch in the village and then 10 km through mountain valleys back to Malino.

Accommodation: Former colonial guest house in the mountain village of Malino

ountains between Malino and Sinjai

Day 4 Experiencing village life on our bikes in South South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Wednesday 27 July 2011 : Malino - Sinjai

The road ascends through pine forests for 15 km from Malino to sparsely populated upland vegetable growing valleys. 45 km past rustic villages along quiet village mountain roads to Manipi followed by 20 km along gently undulating rice growing terrain to Sinjai.

We’ll buy vegetables in the Malino market for cooking lunch near Manipi.

Accommodation: Commercial travellers’ guesthouse in the quiet coastal town of Sinjai

Day 5 Experiencing the culture of Indonesia from our bikes through South South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Thursday 28 July 2011 : Sinjai - Cape Bira

From coastal Sinjai we’ll undulate through 40 km of rice terraced valleys to the mountain village of Tanete where we’ll enjoy village snacks and then descend 62 km to the traditional wooden sailing boat industry at Bulukumba and the white sand beaches at Cape Bira.

Accommodation: Luxurious resort cottages right on the beach

Day 6 of our ride through South South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Friday 29 July 2011 : Cape Bira

At Bira we can rest our weary muscles on the beach, swim, snorkel, dive and sail to weaving villages on nearby offshore islands.

Accommodation: Luxurious resort cottages right on the beach

Riders in Tanaberu coastal village

Day 7 Riding along the coast of South South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Saturday 30 July 2011 : Cape Bira - Jeneponto

We’ll cycle along the south coast of Sulawesi from Cape Bira, 80 km to the Thousand Steps Bisappu Waterfall near Bantaeng and then 30 km past salt making facilities and through the sugar palm savanna horse country of Jeneponto regency.

Accommodation: Modern beach resort

Day 8 Experience the fish ponds and market gardening villages on our ride through South South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Sunday 31July 2011 : Jeneponto - Makassar

Ride continues 50 km through the Jeneponto horse and sugar palm savanna to Takalar where we’ll lunch on home made noodles and then 40 km past fish ponds, market gardening and rice fields to Makassar.

After bike packing we’ll have our final group meal and certificate presentation.

Accommodation: International hotel by the sea

Traditional boat building in Tanaberu

Day 9

Monday 01 August 2011 : Makassar

The tour finishes on this morning

Airport transfer

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