I bought a bike twelve months ago after catching the bike riding bug on a five day tour of the Tuscan Hills with my daughter last August I love my push bike but i can't bring it to Sulawesi because its just a road bike. I am trying to deal with my sneaking feeling that I am being unfaithful and have begun research on buying a hybrid. My daughter, my son and I completed a five day ride from Katoomba to Mudgee which included a detour to Oberon that added a 100 clicks, we stayed in country pubs and started the very civilized habit of having a day sleep at the end of each days ride, before we sampled the delights of country cooking at the bistro. See you all in Indonesia

Email: Naomi


Hello all. I am lover of travel and cycling. Most of my long distance cycling has been road biking in the US but my Bike Friday has taken me to Tibet/Nepal and soon to Indonesia. My youngest child now has a driver’s license and I am more free to travel. I am a non- working dentist with too many interests. We make our residence in Houston, Tx where my husband’s business is located but our daughter attends high school in Bozeman, Mt which is where I spend most of my time. We have two other kids in college and one in graduate school. Our whole family cycles and have had wonderful experiences cycling some of the US national parks. Most recently I have been concentrating on running as my next marathon is only two weeks out. This will be my first time in Indonesia and I greatly look forward to this adventure with everyone.

Email: Sylvia


I'm 36, and will be turning 37 in Sulawesi! I'm a musician and music teacher, playing mostly strings, and folky type music.  You can see more at and I have a personal link there too.  I live near Fremantle with my wife, Sabine and two kids (Peppa, 8 and Ari, 6) where we produce a fair bit of our own food and go to Steiner school.  I do massive bike rides of up to 20km a week, surf about 20 times a year and get to yoga once a month, so this trip may come as a bit of a shock.  I'll get into training though, and I'm hoping to stop in Bali for a surf.

Email: Tony


Hello from Canberra Australia where I have lived for many years. I hve a grown up son who lives away from home so, like others, I'm enjoying the chance to travel a bit more. I am looking forward to this trip as it will be my first overseas bike tour. It will be fun to combine the cycling with travel and to learn more about Indonesian culture. Having studied some Bahasa Indonesia at school many years ago I hope to be able to brush up a bit before we leave. If it is like the other long distance rides I've done, the hardest part will be returning to my job in the public service (working on Indigenous and Health Statistics), and wishing I was back riding every day.

Email: Sally


Hello,fellow travellers.My name is Joanna and I live and work,mainly in Brisbane.With children having left home,I am free to indulge in more travel,occasionally combining it with cycling or running marathons.I have been to Indonesia 3 times,the first in the early 80's,sailing and island hopping for 6 weeks from East Timor to Bali.5 years later my 9 year old daughter and I backpacked around Bali for 3 weeks.Sulawesi was my third destination,9 years ago,with a group of 10.It was such an exciting place culturally that I can't wait to visit again.

Email: Joanna


A native Californian, I escaped the corporate world after 16 years in 2004 by embarking on a year-long solo bicycle journey through Southeast Asia. En route to Cambodia via Australia, I stopped in Bali for what was supposed to have been two weeks. Four years later, I'm still in Bali, and co-owner of a yoga studio in Ubud, appropriately named 'The Yoga Barn'. Cycle Sulewesi is the perfect marriage of all my loves ... long distance cycling, yoga, adventure travel and Indonesian culture. What a dream come true, and very much looking forward to meeting you all! - Charley

Email: Charley


Hi everyone. I live in Margaret River, Western Australia and spend a lot of time getting up to mischief with my four year old son Ike. Filling his eyes with wonder is my favourite past time. In the cycling caper, my Dad and I have done many fantastic cycle tours in Australia, through the WA Pilbra, south west WA and north Queensland. With friends I have also toured through Vietnam and Loas several times. Having peddled our loaded bikes over many hills Dad and I are now recent converts to supported touring. And while a supported tour is great the cultural aspect of the Sulawesi trip is what really interested me. This trip looks like it will be both physically invigorating and culturally enlightening. As always I am also looking forward to the food.

Email: Paul


My name is Deanne Ponta and I live in Carnarvon, WA. When I am not working as a nurse I enjoy bike riding, sailing, camping and kayaking. The climate in Carnarvon is fantastic for these outdoor pursuits, and being part of the Shark Bay World Heritage area is an added bonus. Riding in the wet, hot tropics will be a first for me and I am looking forward to the adventure. Colin’s experience in the region was the catalyst for me joining the trip and the extra curricula yoga activity will be a blessing after what I expect will be some hot and energetic days in the saddle. I look forward to meeting and socialising with the fellow participants on tour.

Email: Deanne


Hi everyone. Most people call me Nic, and I love cycling and immersing myself in new cultures and places. I come from the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, where there are many bush trails to ride bikes (not to mention places for canyon-ing, hiking, caving, climbing and abseiling). I also enjoy my work and when not traveling, I am a workaholic and typically define myself as an engineer (when asked). My latest quote of favour is the one that states the "journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" from Lao Tzu, great during those procrastinating times. Lastly, I am also on Skype and Facebook, just look for the first part of my email address or my name. Good times. Cheers, Nic

Email: Nicole


I won’t be surprised if I’ll be the oldest one (71) in the group. You will also notice it especially when you see me “walk” my bike up the hills. This will be my first real adventure cycling tour anywhere. Ever since I discovered this tour’s website last March I have not stopped talking about it. In addition to having a ride with interesting people, whom this tour will surely attract, I’ll get the opportunity to ride in the country of my birth and perhaps also see Rahmawatti Rafiudin in Jeneponto, the second stop in our tour. She’s a child I sponsored through Child Reach until she turned 12 about four years ago. Shortly after retiring last year March my doctor told me I was becoming diabetic. That little message drove me into serious cycling, and I’m loving it ever since. Of course I am keenly aware that I must get stronger for the Sulawesi hills, which is exactly what I’ll be focused on for the next six month. Although I was born in Indonesia I unfortunately do not speak Bahasa Indonesia. Hopefully I will learn some from Colin. All I know to say are the names of some food dishes. Believe me the food of “my country” is delicious. Occasionally I go on the Internet just to see or read about South Sulawesi. Here are just a few of the many sites I bookmarked:
(click on the South Sulawesi and the Toraja areas to get detailed maps)

Email: Richard


My interest in cycling Sulawesi is as much for the enjoyment of a new culture as it is for the pleasure of the exercise. Recently turned 60, I spend my time in voluntary work, tennis and/or walking around Centennial Park with friends, with my 3 kids and 2 grandchildren, cycling about once every 2 weeks (don’t worry I’ll do a bit more before our trip), learning to fly a glider, bushwalking in winter, snow skiing, and lots of travel (I leave for Africa this week). I also enjoy unusual food, reading, music, theatre, movies, photography, sculpture, ceramics and, most of all, human behaviour. I look forward to meeting you all. I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun together. Best wishes. Neil

Email: Neil


We migrated from the USA in the mid 1960s immediately after graduating from University. After school teaching in Sydney for several years, we ended up breeding cattle and horses in the Central West of NSW. About 25 years later, after dispersing our horse stud, we sold our 2,000 acre farm and moved to the far South Coast of NSW. The small 800 acre cattle farm allowed us to become aged ski bums, living the winter in Jindabyne and commuting back down to the farm as needed. Terry ended up working for NSW Agriculture, and Lois continued to run the cattle enterprise. We have now sold our farm and live over looking the coast, south of Bermagui. Lois is an artist with annual exhibitions and a Yoga teacher. Terry is a woodworker and active in the management of a biannual, classical music festival as well as fighting the local Council over unworthy development projects along the local estuarine systems. Terry and Lois

Email: Terry or Lois


I am a transplanted New Yorker who has lived on California's Central Coast for the past 25 years. I am an avid recreational cyclist and have travelled to dozens of countries, including many on bicycle. In "real life", I am a free- lance consultant on health policy issues affecting indigent populations. Having been to Bali, Lombok and eastern Java on a prior trip I have always wanted to return to see more of Indonesia. My Bike Friday and I are looking forward to this adventure. Joel

Email: Joel


My name is Teresa, but I am known more as Terri. I am in my early 30s, am a Catholic school teacher and have a keen interest in technology, so I will probably want to do a photo or video blog of the trip. I have been living in Sydney, Australia for a year. I grew up in Tasmania and before moving to the 'big smoke' lived in some of the most remote towns (Katherine, Port Hedland, Broome) in Australia. I love learning about new cultures and languages (however I am hopeless at languages) and I love cycling (always had a bike, but have become a lot more serious this year), so this tour sounds perfect! I did a teacher exchange program in Indonesia (Sumatra) in the late 90s and sponsor a child's education in Bali. My father (as my name suggests, has a Dutch background) was born in Indonesia, hence, I have a keen interest in the country. I have also spent some time in the tropics and miss the warm weather! Teresa.

Email: Teresa


Hi fellow Sulawesi adventurers, I am newly retired from teaching, in 2008 @ 57, in order to be the carer for my mum (83yo) who has been diagnosed with early Alzheimer's. My trip to Indonesia will be respite time. I am especially pleased to have a place in the group as I love group cycle touring. I have lived with Asian people in my direct family since my 20's and have Vietnamese in-laws. I live in Melbourne and cycle with 'Melbourne Bike Touring Club' or I have 6 boys aged 35, 33, 30, 20, 18, 17 who are my pride and joy, and one daughter-in-law. In 96 / 97 I lived in Vietnam for 5 months with my 3 younger boys teaching English, and visited again for 4 weeks in 2002. My parents are of Ukrainian background, so I speak Ukrainian, although I was born in Australia. I enjoy travelling especially within Australia, but have also been to France and England in 2002 for 4 weeks, and have visited China in 1986, and Malaysia / Singapore in the 1970's. I am an adventurous eater, trying to choose healthy, with lots of vegetables, fish etc. but probably not so keen on roast guinea pig (as in a video from Peru). I am looking forward to this trip, as I feel it will be a very real experience that allows us to get close to the ordinary people. Also I am keen to learn lots about Yoga. (my experience so far is quite limited). Vera

Email: Vera


Hi I'm from Bexley NSW Australia (St George area). I'm a social rider who loves her bike and belongs to a proactive group that regularly goes away for bike trips exploring country NSW. I've been riding for about 5 years and it has changed my life, not to mention my butt size. I've never really explored Asia (only 2 days in Bangkok) and am really looking forward to being challenged with a new culture not to mention becoming fit (exhausted) relaxed (limp exhausted) and stretched (flat exhausted) with the yoga but I am especially excited about the 4 day break in between, yeah! I work as a bank officer who fervently supports the West Tigers (Rugby League), reads, goes to the gym and the movies and I don't snore (just in case you're looking for a room mate, girls only, sorry guys). Tracey

Email: Tracey


I live in Los Osos, California, with my husband Greg Smith, who is a tour guide/birder/photographer. I have a Master’s degree in Fisheries Biology, and currently work for the State’s water quality agency, running our Central Coast water quality monitoring program. Greg and I travel a lot - I’ve been to Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Italy, Bonaire, Fiji, Peru, Ecuador and the Galapagos, Egypt, Kenya, the Seychelles, and from Alaska to the Aleutians to the Russian Far east (by ship). More recently I’ve taken up bike touring with my pals Jeff and Joel – first trip was from Prague to Budapest, then Tunisia, and last year the Baltics. We also spend a lot of time in south-eastern Arizona in the Chiricahua mountains, which is a second home. When I’m not bicycling or working, I’m gardening, doing yoga, making tiles, or walking my terrier on the beach. I’m looking greatly forward to our Sulawesi trip! Karen

Email: Karen


I am Chris who lives in Carnarvon, Western Australia, which is half way up the west coast between Monkey Mia in Shark Bay and Exmouth on the Ningaloo Reef. My first riding tour was with Bike Victoria in Tasmania in February 2007 and I have subsequently ridden with Bike Friday Australia, the Cycle Touring Association of WA and a group ride in South Africa. Although having been cycling for just under a couple of years, I am now addicted and can’t wait for this adventurous tour for the ride, and to meet fellow travellers and hear of their experiences. I feel I should accelerate my retirement plans and take up global cycling full time!

Email: Chris


Hi, I ‘m David. I work at a custom bike manufacturer in Geelong and we make road, track, mountain and touring bikes from steel and titanium. I have known Colin for a long time, and wanted to come on this trip because I know it will be a lot of fun – yoga, great food, challenging riding and interesting places and people to see. I mostly ride mountain bike enduro races, so touring is new for me, but I am sure my fitness will get a big boost during this trip. David

Email: Deanne


We are both pharmacists (how boring is that?) We live in Maleny, Queensland (and have done so for 22 years) which has to be the best place in Australia both for living and for scenic cycling. We are semi retired which means we still work but at the times and hours that fit in with our cycling and touring needs. We have cycled in France, Slovenia and Laos plus a dozen or so assorted Great Qld/Vic/NSW and Graet Escapade Rides. Although we don't do motorbikes we do subscribe to the Ulyses Club moto..."Grow Old Disgracefully." In our spare time we grow trees and are active in social issues such as anti-Woolworths in Maleny campaigns. Marek and Libby

Email: Mark and Libby

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