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The overall plan is to maximize activity time in Tana Toraja and to complement cycling with trekking, white water rafting and indonesian language.

After we group in Makassar we’ll minibus 215 km north to Sengkang. We’ll cycle 170 km from here up the east coast to the edge of Tana Toraja at Palopo. From Palopo we’ll climb westwards for 90 km into misty mystical Tana Toraja. For the next 6 days we’ll cycle, trek and raft our way around the mountains and valleys of Toraja. The next two days will be a wonderful 160 km descent from Rantepao to Enrekang to west coast Pare-Pare. We’ll minibus 150 km to Makassar.

Day 1
Riders will be picked up from the airport and brought to a seaside hotel. We’ll get to know each other, assemble bikes, discuss cultural issues, attend to any outstanding administration, have a seafood meal.

Day 2
We’ll minibus 215 km from Makassar to Sengkang (6 hours). We’ll test ride the bikes and do some trip briefing. If there’s time we’ll take a boat to the floating villages on Lake Tempe, visit traditional Buginese long houses at Batu-Batu and check out the local silk weaving.

Day 3
First cycle day will be the 90 km north from Sengkang to Buntumatabing, on the east coast. The terrain is gently undulating. Our accommodation is located on the coast where we can swim.

Day 4
This day will afford us good views of both the coast and the inland mountain range that will be testing us the next day. Itls a slightly hillier 80 km from coastal Buntumatabing to bustling (Indonesian) cosmopolitan city of Palopo. River swimming is available just out of town and at the hotel.

Day 5
The 90 km ride from coastal Palopo to mountain top Batutumongga will be as rewarding as it will be demanding because the route ascends for most of the way through thinly populated magnificent mountain - valley terrain sprinkled with boat shaped houses, ancestral cave graves and church spires. Accommodation will be in a converted rice granary guesthouse.

Day 6
To give our bodies a rest from cycling we’ll trek 6 hours through the mountains to the traditional village of Limbong where we’ll spend the night in the village chief’s house.

Day 7
We’ll walk down to the river, spend the day allowing the river to take us through rapids to our finish point near Rantepao, the major town in Tana Toraja. Accommodation will be in a modern international hotel.

Day 8
We’ll cycle 105 km around the regency of Tana Toraja taking in many of the major sites as we go.

Day 9
Individual rest ‘n’ recreation in Rantepao.

Day 10
The magnificent 90 km descent from the Torajan milieu in Rantepao to Islamic Enrekang will be one of the cycling highlights of the trip.

Day 11
The 70 km from Enrekang south west to Pare-Pare where the culture is Buginese and Muslim, also descends but in a more gentle fashion. We’ll be able to swim at a beach not far from Palopo.

Day 12
We’ll minibus the 150 km southwards from Pare-Pare to Makassar stopping to enjoy the butterflies and waterfalls at Bantimurung. There’ll be time for last minute souvenir shopping in Maksssar and to otherwise enjoy the creature comforts afforded by a modern city hotel.

Day 13
Transport will be available to take riders to the airport.

We've included a full map of Indonesia and Sulawesi showing the route for download.

Download Map.


Makassar Sengkang
Makassar 1.JPG Makassar 2.JPG Sengkang 1.JPG Sengkang 2.JPG
Makassar 3.JPG Makassar 4.JPG Sengkang 3.JPG Sengkang 4.JPG


Buntumatabing 1.JPG Buntumatabing 2.JPG Palopo 1.jpg Palopo 2.JPG


Puncak 2.JPG Puncak 1.JPG Batutumongga 1.JPG Batutumongga 2.JPG
Puncak 3.JPG Puncak 4.jpg Batutumongga 3.JPG Batutumongga 4.jpg


Trekking 1.jpg Trekking 2 .jpg Limbong 1.jpg Limbong 2.jpg
Trekking 3.jpg Trekking 4.jpg


Rafting 1.jpg Rafting 2.jpg Rantepao 1.JPG Rantepao 2.JPG
Rafting 3 .jpg Rafting 4.jpg Rantepao 3.jpg Rantepao 4.jpg


Sadan 1.jpg Sadan 2.jpg Endrekang 1.JPG Endrekang 2.JPG

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