Available Tour Dates
TBA Open

Day 1
Riders arrive in Labuan Bajo
Airport transfer, meet the staff, bike checking, vehicle will take bikes to Bajawa.
Riders accommodated in resort style beach hotel

Day 2
Komodo tour.

Day 3
Fly Labuan Bajo - Bajawa
Airport transfer, bike assembly and preparation for the riding.

Day 4
Cycle day 1
Around the town
The first ride of the camp is designed to introduce riders to the town of Bajawa and its immediate surroundings and to help you settle into the locale. The route will take us up to a chilly 1500 m and will include some testy gradients. The road is through smallholder coffee and vegetable gardens in the high hills that surround Bajawa. We’ll have morning coffee with farmer members of the local proples’ coffee cooperative and visit their coffee factories.

Day 5
Cycle day 2
The route will be chosen from the suite of routes below.

Day 6
Cycle day 3
The route will be chosen from the suite of routes below.

Day 7
Cycle day 4
The route will be chosen from the suite of routes below

Day 8
Cycle day 5 (Last cycle day)
The route will be chosen from the suite of routes below.
Bikes will be taken by vehicle to Labuan Bajo.

Day 9
Fly Bajawa - Labuan Bajo
Bikes will be waiting at Labuan Bajo airport for riders.
Trip finishes here. Riders can continue their journey to Denpasar or stay on longer in Labuan Bajo.

Routes Suite

Ride 1 - The Soa - Boewae loop 82 km
This round trip of 82 Km with an option of 41 km. The first 20 km segment of the trip, heading east from Bajawa, is mostly gentle descent along the side of densely forested mountains finishing at Soa hot spring pools. The road continues east for another 21 km to the pretty little village of Boewae. 3 km of this segment though in disrepair is cyclable. From Boewai the route ascends 25km to Mataloko Seminary set in a well tendered arbored garden. The road continues its ascent for another 15km through fabulous mountain scenery to finish back in Bajawa.

Ride 2 - The Malanage loop 51 km
We climb southwards out of Bajawa,on the main road, turn west at Mangulewa (9 km) on to a village road, past vegetable fields, 20 km on, drop down to traditional Bena village. Here you can see, and talk with, the village ladies doing their intricate ikat weaving.
The road continues for another 7 km to Malanage where we can explore the hot and cold currents of the river which rushes down its valley. We’ll have a lunch prepared by a local village family. At this point some riders might want to continue the journey (22km) in the van. Others might want to pedal back on the same road, to Bena and 1 km on turn on to the Langa road to begin a 12 km ascent (much of it around 10 degrees gradient to the edge of Bajawa and 2 km on to Happy Happy. The roads on this day are uniformly good, very quiet and most of it is through untouched forest.

Ride 3 - The Gurusina loop 93 km
We descend south through heavy forest from Bajawa 14 km to traditional village Bena past Langa village with magnificent 2200m Gunung Inere overlooking us all the way. 5.5 km on we pass the quiet little village of Gurusina followed by 28.5 km following the shrubby windswept coast to Aimere where we’ll have lunch. The road between Gurusina and Waebela currently (January 2016) has 9 km of road in disrepair. This is expected to be repaired in 2016. The route along the main road from Aimere to Bajawa (36 km) is in good condition and surprisingly quiet for a major road. Some riders may wish to ride this segment.

Ride 4 - Maumbawa Beach loop 68 km
Today we’ll take the truck from Bajawa 40 km to village Rigi where we turn east to village Mauponggo (23 km). From here to Maumbawa black sands beach 13 km. On the return journey we climb steeply past Ekoroka (20km) then onto the main road at Mataloko which takes us back, on the main road to Bajawa another 25 km on. All the roads are in good condition. The total of this ride is 68 km and there will be many opportunities to jump on the van.

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