ITINERARY - Lake Poso Cycle Tour

Available Tour Dates
04 - 13 September 2015 Open
09 - 18 September 2016 Open

Cycle distance 486km
Elevation 4147 m
Riding Time TBA
No of days 10 days
No of cycle days 6 days


Day 1
You'll be met 'n' great at Mutiara Airport in Palu and taken to our luxury hotel by the bay. Our trip mechanic will assemble our bikes and there'll be time to trial them before a swim before dinner. We'll have a Javanese meal in town at Peter's restaurant, Javanese 'cause most of the rest of the trip will be Sulawesi style food.
Accommodation: International Hotel

Day 2
Cycle day 1
78 km / 913m
Palu - Parigi
For the first 5 km we'll edge the bay and after clearing town traffic the route takes us up a scenic mountainous ascent to Kebun Kopi (Coffee Garden) where we'll enjoy a cup of tea and village cakes before relishing a 'payback descent' of 20 km to the coast, 12 flat kilometers on we'll stop for lunch, on the water, at Lebo Beach Hotel. The water here is clean and clear, as it is for the whole trip. We can enjoy listening to gentle lapping of waves while we have dinner.
Accommodation: Family guesthouse on Tomini Bay

Day 3
Cycle day 2
137 km / 625m
Parigi - Poso
For some riders this day will provide an opportunity for a 'Personal Best'. We'll leave Parigi before dawn so that we can arrive into Poso before dark. This coastal route through Balinese transmigrants' villages with distinctive Balinese architecture is mostly undulating. A support vehicle will be available at Tambarana 100 km from Parigi for those who feel they've done enough for the day. It's quite probable that we'll run into a Balinese funeral ceremony with dozens of men shouldering a huge sarcophagus. We'll stay by the coast in a friendly family run hotel which has a particularly good yoga space. The grilled fish in Poso is especially tasty as are the morning village cakes.
Accommodation: Family guesthouse on the water

Day 4
Cycle day 3
74 km / 735m
Poso - Siuri
The first 15 km will be flat. Then the road climbs seriously past fabulous mountain-valley jungle scenery to the pretty little lakeside centre of Tentena located at the northern end of Lake Poso. On the way we'll cool off in one of the many rivers that the road crosses. We'll skirt the lake for 18 km to Siuri Beach. Poso lake waters are crystal clear.
Accommodation: Resort Cottages

Day 5
We'll take the minibus 6 km from Siuri to the turnoff to the national part. We'll walk 5 km through Balinese villages, visit a palm sugar factory, walk through some jungle and then allow the rushing waters of the Saloppa Cascades to massage away soreness and tiredness from nearly a week's cycling. We'll lunch in the park by the rushing crashing waters. On the way back to Siuri we'll drop in and explore Tentena.
Accommodation: Siuri Cottages

Day 6
Cycle day 4
54 km / 613m
Siuri - Pendolo
Very pretty village road hugs the lake for most of the way. Contains some challenging ascents, some of them on road in disrepair. We'll drop in at a wild orchid reserve on the way. We'll take a picnic lunch because there will be no warungs for much of the trip. Our accommodation in Pendolo at the southern end of Lake Poso will again be in lakeside cottages and the waters will again be crystal clear.
Accommodation: Lakeside Cottages

Day 7
Cycle day 5
81 km / 1,261m
Pendolo - Tentena - Tando Bone
As indicated by the elevation this will be one of our most challenging days. After we arrive in Tentena we'll take canoes to the lake resort of Tando Bone run by a Dutch lady married to a local. We'll stay here for two nights because built on an isolate peninsula jutting in the lake, with sandy beaches and water all around it is truly idyllic.
Accommodation: Resort cottages over the lake

Day 8
Tando Bone
The day will be devoted to resting, swimming and yoga by the lake.
Accommodation: Resort cottages over the lake

Day 9
Cycle day 6
62 km
Tando Bone - Tentena - Poso
We'll take the canoes back to Tentena, cycle through town to a school that we'll drop in at, meet the staff and the kids and we'll then cruise down a 40 km descent to Morowali where we'll lunch before doing the 12 km back into Poso.
Accommodation: Family guesthouse on the water

Day 10
You will be taken to Kasiguncu airport for departure to Makassar.
This will be the last day of the trip.

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