ITINERARY - North Sulawesi Cycle Tour                    

Available Tour Dates
12 - 24 November 2017 Open

Cycle distance 638 km
Elevation 8180 m
Riding Time 36 hours
No of days 13 days
No of cycle days 10 days

Day 1
When we arrive at Manado airport we'll be picked up & taken the 5 km to an international hotel. Our mechanic will assemble the bikes and we'll be able to give them a trial ride before our first yoga class and a Minahasan fish dinner at an ocean-side restaurant where we'll have a trip orientation.
Accommodation: International Hotel

Day 2
Cycle day 1
72 km
Manado - Mont Lakon
On our first day's cycling we'll join with local cyclists and skirt 45 km around Manado to the market village of Pasar Airmadidi where we'll ascend through valleys and hills to the mysterious Megalithic Waruga tombs. 4 km further ascent we can cool off and relax in the swimming pool at Sawangan. We'll climb another 12 km to Lake Tondano where we'll lunch in a rustic lakeside restaurant and then 15 km on to luxurious Gardenia Country Inn overlooking the still active Gunung Lokon volcano.
Accommodation: Comfortable modern Country Inn

Day 3
Cycle day 2
55 km
Gunung Lakon - Remboken
Today'll be a day of short exploratory excursions from the Gardenia. First we'll climb Gunung Mahawu volcano, 8 km round trip. Then 20 km there 'n' back to thermal Lake Linow followed by 15 km through lush countryside to Remboken (hot) pool resort where we'll yoga by the pool.
Accommodation: Comfortable lakeside cottages

Day 4
Cycle day 3
52 km
By this day we'll have developed a healthy exercise, food and sleep regime. We'll circum-cycle Tondano Lake and surrounds, starting in Remboken, 8 km across rice-fields to Langowan, another 6 km to Kakas and 38 km around the lake with traditional fish farmers at work with their nets. Back at the resort we'll yoga and soak away the late afternoon in the thermal pool.
Accommodation: Comfortable lakeside cottages

Day 5
Cycle day 4
65 km
Remboken - Amurang
From Remboken we'll cycle 16 km across rice fields to Kakas and Langowan where we'll stop for a cuppa and cake and enjoy the clip clopping of the pony traps which are a major transport mode. 12 km on we'll get a buzz out of the scenic 29 km descent from Kawangkoan to the road intersection at coastal Tumpaan and then another 8 km to our comfortable beach cottages at Amurang.
Accommodation: Beachside Hotel

Day 6
Cycle day 5
111 km
Amurang - Kotamubago
Starting in Amurang and finishing in Kotamobago this'll be our most challenging day. The first 10 km to the Kotamubago turn-off are flat. It'll be followed by 101 km of quiet road that ascends relentlessly through hills and valleys of coconut palm plantations intermingled with clove trees and chocolate gardens and cool climate vegetables such as onions, chillies, carrots, cauliflowers.
Accommodation: International Hotel

Day 7
Non Cycle day
Rest day in Kotamobago. Kotamobago located among coffee plantations, vegetable gardens, near a lake, has a cool climate and is near smallholder goldmines which we will visit.
Accommodation: International Hotel

Day 8
Cycle day 6
55 km
Kotamubago - Lolak
We'll drop 37 km from Kotamobago through wet rice fields, pineapple plantations and coconut groves to Inobonto near the coast and then an undulating 19 km past the small town of Lolak 1 km to the beachside fishing village of Molosin where we'll stay at an 'improving' wisma by the sea.
Accommodation: Standard cottage by beach

Day 9
Cycle day 7
82 km
Lolak - Bintauna
This'll be the first of 3 challenging days. The terrain between Lolak and Bintauna is a series of coastal mountain and river valleys. We'll stay with Ibu Rahmi in her daughter's quite large Italian husband designed village house just outside of Bintauna. Muslim domes begin to replace Christian church spires reflecting the changing religious base of the population.
Accommodation: Modern good quality village homestay

Day 10
Cycle day 8
70 km
Bintauna - Antenggola
The 70 km from Bintauna to Atinggola is similar to the previous day, challenging river valleys and substantial hills, fabulous scenery. We'll stay in a homely warung makan / guest house right on the beach.
Accommodation: Standard beachside guesthouse

Day 11
Cycle day 9
103 km
Antenggola - Gorontalo
The first 45 km following the coast westwards from Atinggola is undulating to Kwandang after which the road heads south climbing seriously to the (new) province of Gorontalo and a magnificent lookout over the north coast after which we'll drop down through forested river valleys, have lunch at a Nasi Padang cafe and then on to the provincial capital and neat little city of Gorontalo. We'll have dinner and stay in the international standard Hotel Quality.
Accommodation: International Hotel

Day 12
Cycle day 10
50 km
On our final cycling day we'll make excursions to Museum Sukarno, the 500 year old Portugese Fort Otanaha, the vanishing Lake Limboto, sooth our bodies in some local thermal pools and finish the day with a traditional Gorontalo lunch in the hotel.
Accommodation: International Hotel

Day 13
Airport transfers.
Last day of Tour.

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